keg rosecco 5x8.jpg

A beautiful pink bubbly, grown in the mountains of Trinity County. This secret blend dances on the edge of sweet and seduces with clear fruity notes. A celebration of clean air, clean water, and perfect sunshine.

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A Gewürztraminer/White Riesling blend.  These grapes grow in the mountains between the Trinity Alps and Trinity Lake.  A stunning high-altitude wine, rare in California. 

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A bold Shiraz, a Big Red grown in the mountains at the foot of the Lassen volcano.  The vineyard receives no irrigation, no pesticides, no fertilizers.  Beautiful Red Bubbles.

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Our own Lemon Ginger Wine fermented with vanilla.  This digestif, made from all organic ingredients, will aid digestion and state of mind!  Enjoy it straight up or as an exciting cocktail mixer.


Friends and fans love these bubbly wines straight.  But the more adventurous have experimented with the Hard Gingerita, the Trinity Twist, the Redhead, the Hayfork Mule, the Bloody Ginger, the Wicked Mimosa . . .   Check out these Curvy Roads Wine Cocktails!